The Joy of Java

If you’ve been at In the Loop recently, you may have noticed something new! A new roast, that is!

JAVA, or JAVA KAYUMAS TAMAN DADAR (as listed on the B&W Specialty Coffee Co. website) is a new roast at In the Loop. It’s robust! It’s smoky! And it has hints of dark chocolate and spice.

This coffee comes from the Indonesian tropical rainforest. The island of Java was formed out of volcanic eruptions, and was the first place Indonesian coffee was grown.

Historically, Java’s economy relied on rice agriculture. The Dutch introduced coffee, and Javanese coffee was so popular around the world that “Java” became synonymous with coffee!


Next time we have Java, I highly recommend that you ask for a cup! ☕️

Espresso Love

Many people have asked me,

            “Can I buy espresso from you guys?”

And the answer is yes, of course, certainly! And we can grind  it for you, too. 


The espresso machine that we all know and love today was invented by Luigi Bezzera. Many different kinds of beans and blends can be used, because it’s not about the kind of coffee. It’s about the magical process of hot water, steam, and high pressure that creates beloved espresso.

In the Loop Coffee Co. gets all our beans, including our espresso, from B+W Specialty Coffee. Organic Fair Trade Espresso is so tasty. A pleasant, mild blend with spice and citrus flavors, our espresso is the best.

One extra shot in your drink is just 80 cents, and 2 extra shots is just $1.45. I promise you, it may just change your life.


P.S. Make sure to try our May Game Informer drinks of the moment, Coconut mocha and sparkling green teas, with choice of; raspberry, pomegranate, strawberry, or blueberry.

Happy Anniversary , In The Loop!

Happy anniversary , In The Loop!

Today marks the 3rd anniversary of In The Loop’s grand opening. That is around one thousand days of serving customers (furry ones, too!)

Marisa and Bill have worked so hard to make their coffee house an honored part of the North Loop. On Day One of In The Loop, the bake case went missing! On its way to the shop, it was accidentally delivered to the wrong warehouse. When they finally got a replacement, Eric the builder had to remove the door from its hinges and the paneling next to it in order to fit it through the door. Problem-solving at its finest!


In The Loop has gone through some changes. Remember what it was like before the black comfy chairs and the extended railing? There have been additions to the menu as well as many additions to Mount Ruffmore. What is your favorite thing about In The Loop?

Thank you for choosing us to satisfy your coffee needs and cravings! See you soon.


P.S. The new April Game Informer drink of the month is the Rose Latte! Rose syrup with honey and a violet-colored whip. And of course, the Peanut Butter Latte, too.

P.P.S. April 4th is also my birthday! It was meant to be :)

Baristas' Favorites

The baristas at In the Loop all love coffee, of course, but we have a wide range of tastes to go with our unique personalities!


My favorite drink of all time is an oat milk mocha. After discovering that oat milk existed, I have to say it’s my chosen alternative to dairy milk. It’s creamy and sweet. I love to indulge my sweet tooth. My favorite roast is a dark Sumatra, but I do enjoy our iced cold press using Peruvian, and Ethiopian is my go-to light roast.

Grace’s favorite drink is a “poor college kids” miel. Order two shots of espresso with honey, a cup of ice, and fill up with half and half from the mixing stand. Another favorite of Grace’s is what’s called a Mazagran, which is something I’ve actually never heard of before. The Mazagran originated in Algeria, and consists of cold press coffee with lemonade. It was invented by creative French soldiers with limited options for coffee. It is served in a tall glass with lemon.

Grace prefers dark roasts with notes of smoke, cherry, and dried fruit, such as Brazilian or other South American blends. She prefers the brewing methods of pour-over or Chemex.

Cassie loves animals and is a proud vegan! She loves herself some oat milk. She enjoys soy caramel lattes and oat milk hot chocolates in fancy mugs. She prefers light roasts. We are all working at improving our latte art, but Cassie is amazing at it!

Brenda is a big fan of miels! A miel is a latte with honey and cinnamon. She will always suggest a miel to customers who don’t know what to get. She also loves a salted caramel latte and suggests that too! Dark and medium roasts are her jam. She also loves a good French press.

Marisa enjoys an iced almond milk creamette, and Bill loves a good americano. They both love Ethiopian Sidamo roast.

A Brief Love Letter to Ethiopian Roast

Dear Ethiopian Roast,

I love walking into the shop and seeing the “Ethiopian Light Roast” sign on the board for coffee of the day. Life is better when you’re around, preferably in a freshly-poured mug.


The experts in the Coffee Lover’s Handbook said that Ethiopia is the “birthplace of coffee.” Makes sense to me! The legend is that Arabica beans were officially discovered when a herder named Kaldi noticed a difference in his goats behavior when they ate red “cherries” found in the wild. According to the National Coffee Association, his goats were “energetic” and “did not want to sleep at night.” Thus began the world’s obsession with this bean!

Oh, Ethiopian Roast. How your fruity notes of citrus give me life! I love you, and will enjoy you forever and ever.

Yours truly,


P.S. New Decembers drinks include the Eggnog latte, the Spicy Mocha, and the Candy Cane Mocha! We have new candy cane cookies, too! Taste some before they’re gone!

Sweater Weather's Better than Ever at In the Loop

The skies are grayer and the leaves are falling at top speeds, spinning in mini tornados in the streets and gathering in mountainous piles (requiring inspection by dog noses everywhere). The air is chilly but it hasn’t begun to hurt my cheeks yet. It’s been a rainy and blustery autumn season so far. For those of you wishing for snow—how dare you!? This weather is perfect.

It’s been perfect for the annual “pumpkin spice everything” but at In the Loop, we’ll be offering new drinks for the month, including a Toasted Marshmallow Mocha. It’s made with toasted marshmallow syrup, your choice of white or dark mocha, and the cutest tiny marshmallow toppings. I’m already obsessed with it!

Also new is the Gingerbread Latte. We’re in for a tasty November!


Now that the awning in front of the shop is gone, it looks much lighter and brighter in here. While Marisa and Bill travel across the globe, the rest of the In the Loop crew will be here to serve you your favorite drinks and food. We hope that your November will be filled with everything warm and cozy.


(P.S. Don’t worry, we’ll serve pumpkin everything until we run out.)

(P.P.S. Oat milk is in stock again. Get it in your drinks while you can!)

Happy National Chai Day!

It’s also the first day of fall and it sure feels like fall! Trying some new fun things this fall, like pot pies. A chicken pot pie and perhaps a vegan, not gluten free cause well, I’m really excited about puff pastry. However, if you have any ideas about gluten free puff pastry we are all ears! In October we have pumpkin everything. And I mean lots of pumpkin!

Pumpkin white mochas

Pumpkin spice lattes

Pumpkin pie chai

We also are taking our ham and brie sandwich and swapping the fig butter for some very yummy pumpkin butter.

And then came fall ......

Just like that, State Fair ends, Labor Day is over and we get cooler mornings. It is perfect walking weather outside! Even our pups have more spring in their step. Speaking of pups…. Loved how the pics turned out from our Pups on the Patio Portrait Session. They will for sure be added to our website, but now getting them printed and the mattes done up will be the real challenge.

Our new drinks this month are a oaky butter pecan latte (closest thing to bourbon we can legally sell!); and a Swedish Latte made with maple syrup and cardamom. The Swedish is quickly becoming my fave, hot or cold its just the perfect balance of sweetness. We will have them all month until October, when we bring PSL back. And no, we’re not jumping on the rush to end the year bandwagon of flavors and they know who they are (big mermaid). We love fall and love to savor every smell, bonfire, freshly picked apple and bootie shoes there is.

With the changing of seasons came a changing of some familiar faces. We said goodbye to two of our team and welcomed 2 more. We hope you’ll all love them as much as we all do!

Below you will find a few of the new dogs we’re adding to Mount Ruffmore. To see them all visit our FAQ’s page.

Pup's on the Patio!

It's that time of year again.  Our annual "Pups on The Patio" event is this Saturday, August 18th from 2pm-4pm .  We will have free puppuccinos to all our fur patrons.  

We are also looking for to hire someone new.  Must love dogs, and coffee not necessarily in that order. Please submit any resumes to

  Also going to be playing with some fun flavors for fall. Stay tuned.

Summer happenings....

We gained a new girl,  Lydia joins the team this month!  We are excited to have her enthusiasm and coffee experience she brings from a previous coffee shop.   Lydia is also in the theater world, so feel free to visit and get to know her.  

I'm also working on updating this website by adding more doggo pics and speaking of dog pics, we are figuring out when our next pups on the Patio event will be this August.  So do stay tuned for that update.  

Looking into July we bring a refreshing lemonade slush with strawberry or maybe passion fruit, we are still kicking around some flavors.  If you have any flavor combos or new drink ideas please feel free to share. 

Neighborhood Appreciation Day!

On Sunday, February 25th we will be doing a special promotion: free drip coffee and drink BOGO's from 8am-2pm, as well as free pupuccinos for the pooches. 

It's our way of saying "thanks" to all our wonderful peeps who keep us coming to work each day.  We truly love getting to know each and every one of you and your fur babies.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 25th! 

Mount RuffMore

Finally, all of the portraits taken in August are up and on the wall.   We're really pleased with how they turned out.  However there are so many more pups we want to add.  It really brings our little corner of the North Loop together with a mutual love for the furkids. Pics soon to follow.

Drinks coming for January:  spicy mocha & cookies and cream mocha. 

Rolling through December

   Well, as we wind down through the end of 2017, we'd like to thank everyone for their ongoing support of our little corner of the North Loop.  We really love this neighborhood and enjoy getting to know everyone.

   Our December drinks are so yummy.  Candy cane mocha, salted caramel mocha with an edible glitter sprinkle, and eggnog latte made with organic valley eggnog.  Now I can go on and on about the differences of eggnog but I'll just share why I love this stuff.  Firstly, it isn't syrupy (probably because they don't use high fructose corn syrup) and its creamy, in a "I'll have seconds" way. 

   We also got a number of fun mugs available for purchase.  They're so cute and make an excellent gift for the fur parent in your life. Or just because, you can check them out on our instagram page.

   Next on the docket for improving our little shop is a shelving unit for all the mugs and expanded coffee selection.  Dog portraits,  they are almost done and Bill shall soon be placing them upon Mount Ruffmore to join the other pooches on our wall.     


Want to know when we are doing promos?

We've recently started sending out emails to all our awesome peeps. Want to be part of  our list of people in the loop?  Simply email, and place "add me!" in the subject line and I'll add you.  We only send out emails for pertinent info and you can unsubscribe in the same manner, just place "unsubscribe" in the subject line. 

What's happening....

     First blog!  I'm hoping for this to be an informative page about exciting new things at the coffee shop.  For instance, we are getting new in-house mugs, in fact, while writing this, they arrived.  They're beautiful and red.  Look for instagram posts, I hope to soon post some pics.  I can't wait to make you all lattes in them. 
       We also are looking to boost some in-house merchandise, mugs, coffee clutches and a few novelty items.  We will be building another book case to hold the new merchandise, as well as a bigger/varied supply of pre-packed coffees.  We will start with coffee mugs and eventually move into tumblers and t-shirts.  It's been a hard process to find just the right size and style mug to reflect this cool neighborhood.  Also, coming this week are some new exciting drinks for November.  Pumpkin Pie Chai,  and a Lavender Earl Grey tea latte.  As I get used to this whole blog thing I hope to post pictures and other fun things.  
Stay tuned...