Summer happenings....

We gained a new girl,  Lydia joins the team this month!  We are excited to have her enthusiasm and coffee experience she brings from a previous coffee shop.   Lydia is also in the theater world, so feel free to visit and get to know her.  

I'm also working on updating this website by adding more doggo pics and speaking of dog pics, we are figuring out when our next pups on the Patio event will be this August.  So do stay tuned for that update.  

Looking into July we bring a refreshing lemonade slush with strawberry or maybe passion fruit, we are still kicking around some flavors.  If you have any flavor combos or new drink ideas please feel free to share. 

Neighborhood Appreciation Day!

On Sunday, February 25th we will be doing a special promotion: free drip coffee and drink BOGO's from 8am-2pm, as well as free pupuccinos for the pooches. 

It's our way of saying "thanks" to all our wonderful peeps who keep us coming to work each day.  We truly love getting to know each and every one of you and your fur babies.

We look forward to seeing you all on the 25th! 

Mount RuffMore

Finally, all of the portraits taken in August are up and on the wall.   We're really pleased with how they turned out.  However there are so many more pups we want to add.  It really brings our little corner of the North Loop together with a mutual love for the furkids. Pics soon to follow.

Drinks coming for January:  spicy mocha & cookies and cream mocha. 

Rolling through December

   Well, as we wind down through the end of 2017, we'd like to thank everyone for their ongoing support of our little corner of the North Loop.  We really love this neighborhood and enjoy getting to know everyone.

   Our December drinks are so yummy.  Candy cane mocha, salted caramel mocha with an edible glitter sprinkle, and eggnog latte made with organic valley eggnog.  Now I can go on and on about the differences of eggnog but I'll just share why I love this stuff.  Firstly, it isn't syrupy (probably because they don't use high fructose corn syrup) and its creamy, in a "I'll have seconds" way. 

   We also got a number of fun mugs available for purchase.  They're so cute and make an excellent gift for the fur parent in your life. Or just because, you can check them out on our instagram page.

   Next on the docket for improving our little shop is a shelving unit for all the mugs and expanded coffee selection.  Dog portraits,  they are almost done and Bill shall soon be placing them upon Mount Ruffmore to join the other pooches on our wall.     


Want to know when we are doing promos?

We've recently started sending out emails to all our awesome peeps. Want to be part of  our list of people in the loop?  Simply email, and place "add me!" in the subject line and I'll add you.  We only send out emails for pertinent info and you can unsubscribe in the same manner, just place "unsubscribe" in the subject line. 

What's happening....

     First blog!  I'm hoping for this to be an informative page about exciting new things at the coffee shop.  For instance, we are getting new in-house mugs, in fact, while writing this, they arrived.  They're beautiful and red.  Look for instagram posts, I hope to soon post some pics.  I can't wait to make you all lattes in them. 
       We also are looking to boost some in-house merchandise, mugs, coffee clutches and a few novelty items.  We will be building another book case to hold the new merchandise, as well as a bigger/varied supply of pre-packed coffees.  We will start with coffee mugs and eventually move into tumblers and t-shirts.  It's been a hard process to find just the right size and style mug to reflect this cool neighborhood.  Also, coming this week are some new exciting drinks for November.  Pumpkin Pie Chai,  and a Lavender Earl Grey tea latte.  As I get used to this whole blog thing I hope to post pictures and other fun things.  
Stay tuned...