All coffee we serve is locally roasted and organic/fair-trade.  This means that the growers use practices which minimally impact the environment.  Also, the workers are paid a fair wage, and in many cases given healthcare and education for their children.

Nicaragua "Segovia"

This complex, medium bodied coffee has hints of raisin and cocoa. It has a slight caramel aftertaste. 


Peru Cenfro

Smooth body with fruity overtones and spicy aromas.  We use this gem in our cold press!

Mexican "Chiapas"

Grown in high altitudes with lots of shade, this coffee is grown near the Guatemalan boarder in an area that has been cultivating coffee for over 200 years. We like this as a dark, as it gives off notes of vanilla and caramel.

Papua New Guinea                 

Floral and citrus notes. Medium to full-bodied with a balanced and smooth finish.  

Columbia Apecafe Co-op

Shade grown, these beans are rich and smooth.  Notes of fruit and cocoa.  Full-bodied with mild acidity. 

Guatemalan Huehuetenango

Berry and black cherry flavors with a hint of honey.  Low acidity. 

Costa Rica "La Amistad"

Deep, almost port-like taste.  Prunes and cocoa aromas. Sweet acidity. 

MN Opera Blend

Perfect for those who enjoy deep flavors.  Smoky taste that lingers on the palate.

Brazil "Sul de Minas"

Subtle berry and nut tones. Citrus vanilla finish with a sweet and gentle acidity. 

Espresso Blend

Smooth blend with a spicy citrus taste.   

Honduras "Santa Rosa de Copan"

This well-balanced medium to dark roast has a caramel aroma and boasts flavors of citrus and honey.  

Sumatra "Ketiara"

Shade grown, this amazing coffee has flavors of citrus rind and spice. It also possesses a smoky tobacco aroma.

A smooth and spicy coffee has a hint of chocolate.  Low acidity, too. 

Ethiopian- Sidamo/ Yirgacheffe