Espresso Love

Many people have asked me,

            “Can I buy espresso from you guys?”

And the answer is yes, of course, certainly! And we can grind  it for you, too. 


The espresso machine that we all know and love today was invented by Luigi Bezzera. Many different kinds of beans and blends can be used, because it’s not about the kind of coffee. It’s about the magical process of hot water, steam, and high pressure that creates beloved espresso.

In the Loop Coffee Co. gets all our beans, including our espresso, from B+W Specialty Coffee. Organic Fair Trade Espresso is so tasty. A pleasant, mild blend with spice and citrus flavors, our espresso is the best.

One extra shot in your drink is just 80 cents, and 2 extra shots is just $1.45. I promise you, it may just change your life.


P.S. Make sure to try our May Game Informer drinks of the moment, Coconut mocha and sparkling green teas, with choice of; raspberry, pomegranate, strawberry, or blueberry.