Q: I already have a chain coffee shop within steps of my place of employment. Why should I bother stopping at In The Loop Coffee Co. ("ITL") on my way to work?

A: Because it doesn't make sense to sacrifice quality for the sake of convenience. For example, let's say you're on your way to work and you really have to pee. As the sensation becomes uncomfortable, you pass a construction site with an outdoor, portable restroom. Do you stop? No. You hold it until you make it to a clean, familiar toilet at work. ITL is like that clean, familiar toilet at work. Wow, that didn't come out the way I had hoped. 


Q: What makes ITL different  from other specialty coffee shops?

A: All of our products are high quality, but we aren't pretentious. Why is this combination becoming difficult to find? When our honored guests and friends are kind enough to visit us because they know they will receive handcrafted beverages that aren't available anywhere else in the city, we still understand that they are doing us a favor with their patronage...not the other way around. 


Q: Are you "pet friendly"? 

A: Absolutely! Assuming, of course, that your pet is also friendly and not a python. We are loving all of the pooches in our neighborhood! 


Q: Are you ever going to put a "menu" page on your website?

A: Yes! It's up, see top of the page. 


Q: Why was "Seinfeld" such a great television show?

A: Frank and Estelle Costanza...and David Puddy...and J. Peterman. 

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