A Brief Love Letter to Ethiopian Roast

Dear Ethiopian Roast,

I love walking into the shop and seeing the “Ethiopian Light Roast” sign on the board for coffee of the day. Life is better when you’re around, preferably in a freshly-poured mug.


The experts in the Coffee Lover’s Handbook said that Ethiopia is the “birthplace of coffee.” Makes sense to me! The legend is that Arabica beans were officially discovered when a herder named Kaldi noticed a difference in his goats behavior when they ate red “cherries” found in the wild. According to the National Coffee Association, his goats were “energetic” and “did not want to sleep at night.” Thus began the world’s obsession with this bean!

Oh, Ethiopian Roast. How your fruity notes of citrus give me life! I love you, and will enjoy you forever and ever.

Yours truly,


P.S. New Decembers drinks include the Eggnog latte, the Spicy Mocha, and the Candy Cane Mocha! We have new candy cane cookies, too! Taste some before they’re gone!