Our Team




3 interesting facts about me...  1) I used to be a flight attendant for a small NW air-link.  The training was intense, so if for some reason a pen is lodged in your leg, I'm your girl to stabilize it. 2) I was born and raised in California, so I've lived through an earthquake.  I think it has forever made me sensitive to any ground movements.  3)  I geek out for Doctor Who!




3 interesting facts about me...1)Ever since I was a baby till I was about 15, my parents took me camping every summer.  We camped all across the US and it has really influenced my desire to travel. 2) While I have been a barista for 15+years, my first love was flowers and I went to school for floral design.  But I really love coffee! 3) I'm crazy about board games.  I like them all, and have been known to get a bit competitive with them. 



3 Interesting facts about me 1) first job was in a coffee shop. They hired me despite my telling them I hated coffee. (BTW, I'm addicted to it now.  2) I love making pottery and hope to be able to sell it someday. 3) When I was 6 years old, my father would pay me to "nark" on my 3 older siblings.  Sometimes I would make stuff up for extra cash. 






3 Interesting facts about me 1) I'm a local singer, actor and stage manager (not always in that order). 2) Because I moved to a few different schools in my early high school years, I ended up taking American History three times! 3) I love reading and am always excited to give book recommendations.  




3 Interesting facts about me 1) Books are my favorite thing in the whole universe! 2) I am one of four siblings, and we all have four letters in our names.  3) In high school, I played badminton and was also on the speech team.



3 Interesting facts about me 1) I'm an actor, singer and director in the Twin Cities, and my family owns a non-profit theater company (Bunce Backyard Productions) 2)I am an aspiring novelist and so far have finished 3 novels! Fantasy/ young adult fiction. 3) I have 2 cats, Kylo Ren and D'artagnan (Both girls)