And then came fall ......

Just like that, State Fair ends, Labor Day is over and we get cooler mornings. It is perfect walking weather outside! Even our pups have more spring in their step. Speaking of pups…. Loved how the pics turned out from our Pups on the Patio Portrait Session. They will for sure be added to our website, but now getting them printed and the mattes done up will be the real challenge.

Our new drinks this month are a oaky butter pecan latte (closest thing to bourbon we can legally sell!); and a Swedish Latte made with maple syrup and cardamom. The Swedish is quickly becoming my fave, hot or cold its just the perfect balance of sweetness. We will have them all month until October, when we bring PSL back. And no, we’re not jumping on the rush to end the year bandwagon of flavors and they know who they are (big mermaid). We love fall and love to savor every smell, bonfire, freshly picked apple and bootie shoes there is.

With the changing of seasons came a changing of some familiar faces. We said goodbye to two of our team and welcomed 2 more. We hope you’ll all love them as much as we all do!

Below you will find a few of the new dogs we’re adding to Mount Ruffmore. To see them all visit our FAQ’s page.