In the Loop with Amie

Greetings, coffee lovers and In The Loop friends!

My name is Amie, and I’m a barista at In The Loop. You’ve probably seen me running around the shop. I’m the girl with the round glasses and the toothbrush tattoo (no, I don’t want to be a dentist—ask me about the meaning behind it when you stop in!)

I came to In The Loop last November after a little over two years working at a Starbucks drive-thru. It was a wild place, and I miss my Starbs fam a lot, but In The Loop is a great place to work for many reasons! I moved to Minneapolis to start attending the University of Minnesota, and was looking for a locally-owned coffee shop to work at when I found In The Loop. I thought, “what a perfect place to work! In the heart of Minneapolis and dog-friendly?!” It’s been so much fun getting to know the neighborhood this past year.

Fast-forward to October 2018. When Marisa asked me to start writing blog posts, I was ecstatic. I love writing, and I love coffee.

When I was little, I used to take sips out of my mom’s coffee and my stomach would lurch. It disgusted me. One day, my mom ordered an iced mocha from McDonald’s. When I took a sip, my heart leaped. Coffee and chocolate?! Together!? A dream come true…that turned into an obsession.

In high school, I experimented at different coffee shops, trying Caribou mochas and Starbucks caramel macchiatos. I also became a big fan of Oregon chai lattes (which we have here at In The Loop!) and would order it at my high school’s breakfast café every day.

After working at Starbucks for a while, I began to appreciate drinking black coffee. Nothing compares to a dark Sumatra for me, but I do love Peruvian medium roast and Ethiopian light roast. I prefer a splash of non-dairy milk in my coffee, and I’ll only drink black coffee if I’m really feeling it.

In the future, I’ll be writing posts about what we’re brewing and baking at In The Loop, as well as the brilliant and multi-talented baristas who work here! Let us know if you want to see something specific on the blog. I’m open to writing about anything and everything!

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