Baristas' Favorites

The baristas at In the Loop all love coffee, of course, but we have a wide range of tastes to go with our unique personalities!


My favorite drink of all time is an oat milk mocha. After discovering that oat milk existed, I have to say it’s my chosen alternative to dairy milk. It’s creamy and sweet. I love to indulge my sweet tooth. My favorite roast is a dark Sumatra, but I do enjoy our iced cold press using Peruvian, and Ethiopian is my go-to light roast.

Grace’s favorite drink is a “poor college kids” miel. Order two shots of espresso with honey, a cup of ice, and fill up with half and half from the mixing stand. Another favorite of Grace’s is what’s called a Mazagran, which is something I’ve actually never heard of before. The Mazagran originated in Algeria, and consists of cold press coffee with lemonade. It was invented by creative French soldiers with limited options for coffee. It is served in a tall glass with lemon.

Grace prefers dark roasts with notes of smoke, cherry, and dried fruit, such as Brazilian or other South American blends. She prefers the brewing methods of pour-over or Chemex.

Cassie loves animals and is a proud vegan! She loves herself some oat milk. She enjoys soy caramel lattes and oat milk hot chocolates in fancy mugs. She prefers light roasts. We are all working at improving our latte art, but Cassie is amazing at it!

Brenda is a big fan of miels! A miel is a latte with honey and cinnamon. She will always suggest a miel to customers who don’t know what to get. She also loves a salted caramel latte and suggests that too! Dark and medium roasts are her jam. She also loves a good French press.

Marisa enjoys an iced almond milk creamette, and Bill loves a good americano. They both love Ethiopian Sidamo roast.