In The Loop Coffee Company is owned by us, Bill and Marisa Thom. Simply put, we are two people who absolutely, positively love coffee...and it's not just the flavor experience of a perfect shot of espresso that gets our motors running. It's also the memories that this incomparable beverage of coffee can conjure. Remember those delightful mornings when to your surprise it snowed 12 inches over night and school was cancelled? There was utter elation, a snowball fight with your big brother and the smell of morning being brewed from mom's $15 coffee maker. Or when you spent all night playing "Crazy 8s" with your grandmother who won practically every game, but let you drink your own cup of coffee like a grown up. Coffee is part of our culture, and so it seemed inevitable that one day we would open our own coffee shop and create the perfect environment for more experiences to be shared and enjoyed.

We are also delighted to share the operation of In The Loop Coffee Company with a wonderful team who collectively possess many years of experience working in coffee shops. They are really good people who, like us, are looking forward to getting to know your names, your preferences and serving you for many years to come. See you soon!

M & B Thom