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3 interesting facts about me...  1) I used to be a flight attendant for a small NW air-link.  The training was intense, so if for some reason a pen is lodged in your leg, I'm your girl to stabilize it. 2) I was born and raised in California, so I've lived through an earthquake.  I think it has forever made me sensitive to any ground movements.  3)  I geek out for Doctor Who!




3 interesting facts about me...1)Ever since I was a baby till I was about 15, my parents took me camping every summer.  We camped all across the US and it has really influenced my desire to travel. 2) While I have been a barista for 15+years, my first love was flowers and I went to school for floral design.  But I really love coffee! 3) I'm crazy about board games.  I like them all, and have been known to get a bit competitive with them. 

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3 interesting things about me 1) My favorite coffee drink is an iced Miel with an extra shot of espresso. 2) I love to travel to different countries and once lived with a pet monkey named Joker. 3) I own a pit/collie dog named Jake and we are the best of friends.




3 Interesting facts about me 1) Books are my favorite thing in the whole universe! 2) I am one of four siblings, and we all have four letters in our names.  3) In high school, I played badminton and was also on the speech team.


Lizbeth (Lizzie)

3 interesting facts about me 1) I speak fluent English and Spanish and I’ve been learning American Sign Language for the past 2 years. 2) I’m a certified makeup artist. 3) I’ve been an only child for the past 18 years. We recently started fostering my baby cousin who my family hopes to adopt.




He’s sometimes just hanging around. Or sweeping, dusting and taking out the trash.



3 interesting things about me 1) I love animals more than anything….. 2)… but disney is a close second. 3) My boyfriend and I have 2 black cats named Cocoa and Nutmeg and they have their own Instagram page. @adashofCocoaandNutmeg